Thursday, June 28, 2007

Seeing GREEN!

That's right! Green as in money, green as in golf courses and green as in energy efficient alternatives for desert living! The state of Arizona is going green! Those alternatives are right under our feet. With the cost of energy rising as fast as heat off the desert floor, it only makes sense (cents) to build below ground. Basements are not just for the mid-West anymore they have a significant contribution to make in the Southwest. With land becoming more expensive and less available, builders are starting to notice the value of building down. However, only 20 - 30% of Valley homes utilize this valuable resource. Basements no longer take on the dingy dungeon atmosphere that go with their reputation. Today they are built with 9 foot ceilings, expansive window wells to allow for natural light, outside access complete with patio areas (imagine even a water feature!), exterior private staircase and feature the better-than-being-there home movie theatres. Who wouldn't want a basement? The cost to maintain is minimal and adds valuable square footage. It's easy being GREEN!

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