Friday, June 8, 2007

What Goes Around Comes Around

"Nice job guys!" as quoted by in their explanation of what builders, mortgage, and the resale real estate industries have done to flatten the real estate market reputation in the media. They have deflated its value in the economy. It just isn't a quick 'n easy fix 'n flip market as it was a couple of years ago. No instant gratification here! However, let me remind everyone that real estate is the essential safe investment over the long term. Real estate has a consistant cycle. When there is an over-abundance of available houses for sale there will be downward pressure on sales prices. As homes are consumed, competition intensifies for the dwindling reserve thus sending home prices into orbit. More homes are built or dumped back into the market, thus creating an over-abundance, and on it rolls. Simply put, if you understand that, you understand real estate. Those who coordinate buying and selling to best profit from this ever- turning cycle have the greater advantage. My final words, "Rock n' Roll guys!"

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